Industrial Plug Socket

We specialise in many types of high quality industrial plugs, sockets, couplers and portable distribution board as well as boxes. Our industrial plugs, sockets and couplers are compliant with international standard IEC60309-1 and IEC60309-2.

Industrial Plugs & sockets are commonly used in construction, marine, petroleum and chemical industry due to its ability to withstand extreme environment. The colours of the commonly used industrial plug and socket determine the voltage and frequency. But some of the rare and special industrial plug and socket use different colour joint positions, diameters and poles. Our products are impact resistant, dust proof, damp proof, weatherproof and corrosion resistant made with a better electrical insulation material.

We offer professional solutions for different power distribution and electrical safety demand. Safety, flexibility and reliability are the key elements in our products.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a comprehensive guide to our wide range of industrial plug and socket.

HTN013-3 – HTN013
HTN014 – HTN024
HTN025 – HTN0141
HTN0151 – HTN0251
HTN0331 – HTN0451






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